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In person locksmith training

Free online locksmith training videos & courses. Click here to start immediately!

Locksmith marketing & management

Google PPC & Guaranteed setup & management and dispatching services.

Start or expand your locksmith business with national partnership opportunities!

In-Person Locksmith Training Program

Five Training Modules

Learn what you need! We organize our training program into modules based on the types of job skills you want to learn. From simple car and home lockouts and lock changes to more advanced car key replacement and business access control services. Take all five courses to learn it all or take one course and start working and earning as you learn.

One to Five Weeks of Training

You set the pace! Are you a beginner just getting started in your locksmith career or are you an experienced locksmith looking to expand your skills to earn more money? We offer hands-on, on the job training that learning and earning quickly!

Tools of the Trade

You need the right tools for the job! During training you'll have access to and be trained on all the tools you'll need to do the job right. We help you decide what tools you'll need to get started. And, as you expand your skills, so will your need for the latest locksmith technology. We'll show you what locksmith tools to buy and where to get the best deals.

Locksmith Business Marketing

We help you get jobs! It's not enough just to know how to do a job, you also must know how to get the jobs! Locksmith marketing and advertising is very competitive. We teach and show you how to market your business and the best advertising opportunities to help you get the most jobs for the lowest cost.

learn to rekey locks
learn to change locks

Why Train to Be a Locksmith?

learn to make car keys
learn to repair push bar handles

Locksmith Business & Career Benefits

Lucrative Career Opportunity

High earning potential! After going through our training program, many independent locksmith technicians earn over $75,000 a year their very first year!*

Be Your Own Boss

You are in control! As an independent locksmith your opportunities and earning potential isn't limited by a set salary or hourly pay. The more you learn the more you can earn!

Fast Start-Up Time

No experience? No worries! Our locksmith training course gets you started quickly by teaching you the basics of car and house lockouts. Many students start working and earning within a week** with just these basic skills while they continue training for more advanced and higher earning skills.

Low Start-Up Costs

Get started for FREE!* We start training you the basics for free. Once you're ready to start working your only costs are your own tools and transportation. Get started with just the basic tools and, as you learn and earn more, continue training for more advanced skill that enable you to earn more money and buy tools as needed!

Our Locksmith Training Programs Offer:

Free Online Locksmith Training Courses

Start training immediately with our online locksmith training courses and videos. Get familiar with locksmith tools, lock hardware and types of locksmith jobs. Want even more training, contact us for in-person training opportunities.

In-Person / On the Job Training

The best way to learn is to do! From the start we provide you with in-person training with an experienced locksmith in the field on actual jobs!

Tools & Equipment

Get your hands on the latest locksmith tools and learn how to use them. We also show you what tools to buy to get started and where to get them.

Locksmith Business Marketing

We teach more than how to be a locksmith, we teach you how to operate a locksmith business. We'll teach you how to setup your business, how to advertise and how to get customers.

Locksmith Business Partnerships

We have partnered with locksmiths all across the nation and all jobs go to you! Exclusive area means that you receive all the jobs and keep 100% of the revenue from all jobs in your territory. We market locksmith services in your area and all jobs are dispatched directly to you. When you partner with us you won't be competing with other service providers in your area.

Locksmith Services

Vehicle Lockouts

Learn how to open locked doors and trunks on cars and trucks.

House Lockouts

Learn how to open locked doors on homes, condos and apartments.

Change Locks

Learn how to change door locks, rekey locks and install new locks.

Make Car Keys

Learn how to cut high-security car keys and program ignition transponder.

Commercial Services

Learn how to install and repair business locks, push-bar handles and safe lockouts.

Access Control

Learn business access control and installation & repair of keypad locks, card readers and more.

Get Started Today!

Want to be your own boss? Looking for a new career with high earning potential?* We can train you to be a locksmith technician. Get started in as little as one week. Contact us now!

* Yearly earnings stated above are based on examples of full-time techs who perform all jobs, job availability and the number and types of jobs completed. Earnings are not guaranteed, earning are highly dependent on technical skill and business skill of the individual, and willingness to work after hours and weekends. Earning are also dependent on territory and market conditions. ** Certificate of completion awarded by us is not necessarily credited or endorsed by any state.  Certification requirements enabling you to work vary by state. Some states require a license, full certification and/or a background check before you can work as a locksmith technician. Other restrictions and requirements may apply. Make sure you are familiar and compliant with your local laws & regulations. There is no business opportunity fee. There is no franchise fee.  We reserve the rights to reject any candidate, and any trainee, at any time before and/or during the training, at our sole and absolute discretion. Please review all terms and conditions and contact a representative for full details.

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